Bar Refaeli on trial for keeping her own lunch money

I like Bar Refaeli. She’s not exactly a principled libertarian as far as I can tell, but she doesn’t let the State push her around. A few years ago she got in trouble for draft dodging, AKA refusing to be a hired gun for politicians. Not even that really. A hired gun at least makes money.

She has a sour reputation in Israel because she’s a משתמטת, which is a bad word that means you don’t serve in the army. I went to the army but I can’t say I ever served. All I did was read books and pretend to push hummus around a giant fridge. I’m not proud of it. I’m proud of draft dodgers.

Now Bar is being harassed for not paying her taxes. She reportedly cried during a several hours long investigation at her house that lasted until midnight, poor girl. If I were her, unattached, and the State of Israel was harassing me, I’d get out of the country. She should get out for her own safety.

Bar Refaeli produces things, unlike politicians. She sells bathing suits and clothes and whatever else she looks good in, to people who want to buy this stuff. While she may not be a Jewish role model in terms of modesty and showing up in tabloids every now and then (she’s married to a nice Jewish boy now, so that’s good) , she deserves respect as a draft dodger and tax evader. Those are badges of honor in my book.