Aryeh Deri Gets Even More Evil – Requires All Jews To Give Fingerprints to the State By Force

Surprise surpirse. The biometric ID trial run was a success, and now Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, Yemach Shmo, is going to require every single Israeli citizen to give him their fingerprints by force.

I am going to say this once, and I am not saying bli neder.

I will burn my fingerprints away in acid before I give them to the State of Israel.

If Deri wants to tattoo a number on my arm, he’ll have to hold me down and put me under general anesthesia.

I urge everyone to passively fight the State on this and do not give these kappos your fingerprints of your own free will. No violence, just passive resistance. And if you have the courage to burn your fingerprints off with acid before they can take them, I would encourage that.

Absolutely no violence should be taken against Deri, but if God chooses to take him away from this world, as Pavel Chekov said to Scotty from the bowels of a nuclear wessel, “Now would be a good time.”

This does not constitute a curse against Deri, in case that is illegal. May he live forever, as Leonidas once said. I love him, of course, along with all selfless public servants. Prasied Be Their Holy Names.


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