Steven Spielberg is a Holocaust Denier (Sarcasm)

That’s it. Nobody is commenting any more on Hitler or Holocaust denial, that’s it. Comments are closed on all World War II posts.

Here is my final word on the matter. Barking idiots are asking me to “refute” Holocaust Denial arguments. So here is my “refutation”.

Smith comments: “I’m not sure what you mean by Holocaust denial? Is it Holocaust denial to question why Eisenhower never mentioned gas chambers?”

My response: (At the end, I “prove” that Steven Spielberg is a holocaust denier.)

Did you know, Smith, that Eisenhower is also behind the round Earth conspiracy?

And he was also a Nazi Agent. And worked with Al Gore on the internet, which is the biggest factor in the Round Earth Conspiracy. It’s all here, at the link. Eisenhower created NASA, whose mission is to fool the sheeple into believing that the Earth is an “oblate spheroid”.

All the evidence for a “Round Earth” is a conspiracy, lies made up by the establishment.

And all the thousands of eye witnesses of gas chambers still alive today, and those who had to shovel the bodies out and burn them, and their memoirs and interviews and speaking tours, they all teamed up after the Americans liberated the “death camps” (which were really amusement parks, or at worst, internment camps a la FDR) to convince us of some fanciful story, just like Jews conspire all the time to fool the world into bombing Iraq. They did it because it was really the AMERICANS that killed the Jews in Europe through collateral damage, and the US government paid off all the survivors to make up stories about gas chambers, and then forced publishing houses to publish books about them all written by government agents, and then Hollywood Jews furthered the conspiracy, with Schindler’s List the ultimate cherry on top.

Hey…wait a minute! Schindler’s List!

Don’t you think it’s WEIRD that in that scene in Schindler’s List where they’re all in the “shower”, the water is actually turned on instead of the Zyklon B? Perfect evidence that STEVEN SPIELBERG AGREES WITH YOU! Otherwise he would have shown gas chambers instead of a shower!

Call him up! Ask why he didn’t put gas chambers in Schindler’s List!

Forget about “Eisenhower didn’t mention gas chambers”. NEITHER DID STEVEN SPIELBERG! That proves it!

Look Smith. I’m one of only a handful of Jews on the planet who doesn’t care what the hell you believe about the holocaust. You can believe Hitler threw cocktail parties for Jews throughout Europe until the Americans and British killed everyone and blamed it on the Germans. I don’t care. So why do you insist on trying to piss ME, of all people, off? I’m of the very few that tolerates you and advocates that you be able to bark whatever insanity you please.

The Holocaust is a Jewish issue. It has nothing to do with you. Therefore I don’t care what you say about it, as much as I don’t give a crap about your personal opinion on the Machlokes Rava Abayey in the Gemara Bava Basra 65A. What’s Smith’s psak on the issue בור ברשות הרבים? Does Smith hold by the Tana Kama or הלכה כבתראי?

I couldn’t care less what you think about Halacha, or the Holocaust. I just don’t want it on MY blog, just like I don’t want some Goy’s opinion on contemporary Jewish halachic issues, and I would delete that as well.

Your group of obsessive people means as much to me as the Flat Earth Society. Really. I think and am worried as much about Holocaust deniers as I am about round Earth deniers. I don’t give a crap about either of your “theories”. I suggest you stick to the things we agree on if you want to have any kind of constructive relationship, and stop pushing your dickish nonsense here.


2 thoughts on “Steven Spielberg is a Holocaust Denier (Sarcasm)

  1. re: “Steven Spielberg is a Holocaust Denier (Sarcasm)”

    a wise declaration reflecting intellectual integrity and thorough analysis of the evidence, just as one would expect.

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