The Abyss Deepens – China Opens Another 6.5% Down

Shanghai just opened for trading. The index is down another whopping 6.5%. Japan is down another 2%. Europe opens in a few hours.

Where do we go from here? It looks like we’re headed for another down day given the Asian opens. At some point, the Fed is going to give up and announce a new QE4. It is at that point that gold will skyrocket as everyone realizes that QE will never end, not before the dollar is fundamentally revalued down.


One thought on “The Abyss Deepens – China Opens Another 6.5% Down

  1. Interesting insights. i have a slightly different view on gold, i think its going to go up gradually and steadily. I doubt the fed will announce QE4, instead they might raise rates in Sept as the US economy is ok. The world essentially needs only one ccountry with goldbacking up its currency( just my thoughts).

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