More Detestable Public Positions by Shmuly Yanklowitz: Forget about Pollard!

Here’s an article Rabbi Yanklowitz wrote admonishing people for supporting the release of Jonathan Pollard. Pollard was a traitor to The State. Just like Shifra and Puah were traitors to their State of Egypt and its Sovereign. They took a vow to serve Pharaoh and broke it, while taking money (probably Egyptian State money) to deliver babies from Hebrew slaves. Pollard took money for betraying the State. Oh no. Anyone who takes money for stuff is evil, ESPECIALLY betraying politicians, who Shmuly is busy panhandling all the time:

Jonathan Pollard, a former civilian intelligence analyst for the U.S. Navy, was found to have spied on his country, and in so doing he violated his oath to secrecy, jeopardized American security, and contributed to straining relations between Israel and America while receiving thousands of dollars for his work. According to one estimate, he would have earned about $600,000 over the 10-year period had he evaded capture. Once again, Pollard made both sides believe that he was a patriot instead of a gun for hire. When Pollard misused his words, he did great damage.

Anyone who engages in international espionage breaks his or her home country’s laws in an effort to benefit another country. They know that if they are caught there will be severe consequences.

The definition of fascism is the State Always Comes First. NO MATTER WHAT. Shmuly Yanklowitz is a fascist.

Pollard betrayed the State. Pollard therefore deserves to rot:

The spiritual leprosy case as described in Tazria-Metzora reminds us of the Jonathan Pollard case. There are times we must separate from people we care about. While we would certainly encourage that he receive all necessary physical, mental or spiritual care, he must dwell outside of our community until he completes his sentence, while we commit our communal resources to pursuing crucial issues that enable the Jewish people to survive and thrive. There are too many life-and-death global issues for us to waste our limited political capital on defending one guilty individual who has unfortunately caused damage to the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Let’s cut out the bullshit and bare Shmuly’s position down to the truth.

Fighting for Pollard is politically contrary to his other causes where he goes around lobbying government to give money to this and that. So he wants to get in bed with them and dis Pollard. Supporting Pollard will lose him some government money. Screw justice. Politics rules all.

And he uses TORAH to justify this! THIS is what I detest about this man. AGAIN. It’s so CLEAR.


2 thoughts on “More Detestable Public Positions by Shmuly Yanklowitz: Forget about Pollard!

  1. While I wouldn’t detest someone for his point of view, I do agree that his views on the Pollard situation are misguided.

  2. “Life and death global issues”…. Everything around “global” is as empty as the new-words of the eurozone. If I here “global” again I think I will be sick.
    Those “global” issues are global – they are personal issues (usually problems, not issues and mainly sufferance not issues) of those who can’t get pass them.
    You’re right he definitely talks like doesn’t truly care even if he wants to care.
    I wonder if he’s Baha’i (19th century old or new religion). I have a thing against Baha’i – they’re just a soup of all established religions, saying that the purpose of it all is love and peace and leaving it there. People disappointed in old religions for real or imaginary causes run there like it’s the holy new grail. Can’t be. It’s just a pie of grand words. Since everyone is so ecumenical and hiper-ecumenical, wanting to fund a new Universal Church of Churches to maintain peace between religions, I wonder if those who want this aren’t also schemed into paying Baha’i temple some dues. Dunno. Just sayin’.
    Everyone wanted to be a “religion of peace”. Nobody wanted to be a religion of evil. Evil wasn’t never intended but it happened. And that is evil, real evil, not a goat w/ wings.
    I don’t think religion is evil, but that new Church of Churches made on the idea that “modern wars are caused by religion, so religion must fix them” (a.k.a. “it’s God’s fault, not ours” – how can a honest priest or minister or anything religious blame God? why should we trust them? they will betray us as quickly as they’re doing it to Him to form this institution) This sounds more atheist than atheists themselves. Why? Because it’s fakely suicidal to attract sympathy, and since the mea culpa is fake then the purpose is power. Human power, not any other kind.
    God realized love and peace will be the result of goodness in Humanity, unlike angels et co who begin w/ love and then goodness results. Because in Heaven, equal to Him people lost control. He openly admitted His cruelty (“yes I am a jealous God”), not to scare and rule (He could’ve done this by now if that’s what He wanted), but to indicate to people never to trust big words, propaganda, philo- anything.
    Then if people want to be Christians then should believe He crucified Himself to validate His words (like Socrates burned his hand). And He resurrected to show He didn’t lie in all said in the Bible on His part. And that’s it. That’s literally it. But if the Jesus image became altered and shamed, then the “guy” is fully described in the Old Testament and I wonder what He’d say to all these the jelly cookies people sell today in His Name, or that the secret of His honesty stood in hindi yoga. ? What? But I’d rather not gossip God. But Shmuly.
    One of his grand articles I found on H.Post:
    I pray he and the rest of clergy involved stop and check themselves, go home, pray, fast, hold a liturgy, play a guitar, eat pizza, because it does sound like the last fatal error to make, this one big banana republic of the planet Church.

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