Retroactive Welfare Coming My Way, Considering Burning It

The “anti Zionist” “State-hating” State-welfare-enthusiast hypocrites of Shas and UTJ were able to get Netanyahu to not only raise the child stipend welfare back up to its previous high, but forced a retroactive payment covering all the missed welfare payments from when it was reduced.

This is another proof of how and why the State can never, ever shrink. It can only keep growing until the parasite kills the host. Until there is nothing left to steal. Like what’s happening in Greece. It’s about to get much worse there. Default is now 11 days away, and when they start printing Drachmas, every Greek citizen will lose all of his savings.

So even when a government can temporarily shrink itself, not only does it grow again, but the actual shrinking that it undertook is reversed as well.

As a result, I, who am lucky enough to have 3 kids, will be getting 1,680 shekels in retroactive welfare payments from the state.

Already I get 420 a month, which I give to Moshe Feiglin and Zehut. I also get a מענק עבודה of something like 2,000 shekels every three months or so (seemingly, I’ve only gotten it twice) which I never asked for nor filled out a form to get, which I also give to Zehut.

I’ve always wanted to simply burn this money and return the inflation to the people. I’ve physically gone into the Bituach Leumi office here in Karnei Shomron and actually asked them to stop paying me. They said that’s impossible. So I closed my bank account, opened a new one, and didn’t tell them about it, hoping they would stop. But the payments just kept coming.

The main reason I haven’t burned any money yet, but give it away to who I think has the best chance of stopping this, is that the main advantage of destroying the money will be as a public statement. I’d rather give it away than destroy it privately. But with this retroactive payment coming my way, I’m now seriously considering making a video of me destroying 1,680 shekels and putting it on YouTube.

But since that may get me in trouble, I may not do it. I never challenge the State head on like that. It’s too dangerous.

Any suggestions? How illegal is it to burn money?


2 thoughts on “Retroactive Welfare Coming My Way, Considering Burning It

  1. I agree with Mary about buying gold.
    However, I do not understand why burning paper money should be illegal. The less paper money is in a country, the less inflation. By printing money not covered either by gold or by productive work, the treasury generates inflation. The government prints money due to political pressures and/or to hide and cover up deflation that is caused by inability of the population to buy due to too low average earnings. That’s what Obama does, and this is why the US does not suffer yet from excessive inflation despite insane printing. If you burn your paper money, you help fight inflation at your personal expense.
    Still, to give your surplus money to Manhigut makes more sense.

  2. Why not buy some gold with it?
    Money burning is illegal in the anglo-sphere – USA, Canada, NZ, Australia etc.
    It’s not illegal in EU for the euro, moreover governments are forced to tolerate it unless it’s large amounts.
    I know EU is dying but I’m happy I found something that I like about them – it makes no sense for me this mixture: democracy + money burning is illegal (because you destroy symbols, etc, ? too much idolatry ..) Let the people do it, it’s their money etc and also let them criticize you by destroying money or just be harmlessly crazy this way.
    But I think you should buy gold instead of burning it or giving it away, this time.

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