Yanis Varoufakis is Threatening to Push the Greek Default Button!

He may be a confused “Marxist libertarian” whatever that means, which is what he calls himself, but whatever fire is in him, though it isn’t a total “kosher blue flame” as my 10th grade chemistry teacher called it in lab, Yanis Varoufakis is heating up. This is what happens when a human being, though not perfect, walks into a den of politicians with his resignation letter on the inside pocket in case he succumbs to politician-hood. Yanis Varoufakis is trying to keep his soul and that’s what makes him so exciting.

I’m not sure he will succeed, but he’s trying. He’s no Ron Paul, but he’s closer than most. He’s threatening to push the default button…the beautiful shiny jolly candy-like button.

Varoufakis has said he does not intend to cooperate with the Troika (that conglomeration of bailout funds with different acronyms) and will NOT seek an extension to its bailout funds.

Yanis is taking Greece into default. The Greek Government will not be able to borrow any more, from anyone for a long time. If they want to stay in the euro, they are going to have to cut, slash, and burn like there’s no tomorrow. But I doubt they will do that, because politicians have voters to bribe.

Varoufakis will bring them into default, the Greeks will complain and scream, and they’ll start printing Drachmas into hyperinflation. Italy’s next.




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