LIKUD DOWN to 20, The Fall Begins!

One poll one poll. I know. If you’ve been following Feiglin’s posts since he left Likud, he’s now unhinged, and it’s beautiful. I love it. He can now directly attack Netanyahu, and it’s a big relief.

On my side of things, I can now unleash all the nausea of being part of the Likud Party, which I loathed from the very beginning. Those who don’t know me can say I’m just a turncoat who signed up a bunch of people but when things didn’t go my way I soured. But those who know me know how gross politics makes me feel and the burden on my shoulders being part of this political game.

So now I can root for all the Likud politicians, from the less nauseous Hotobeli and Levin to all the way to Dichter and HaNegbi, to all go down with the ship. Hotobeli and Levin were never with us, they only used us. Levin was actually part of the deal to push Moshe out of the Knesset.

But anyway, the point is, Likud is starting to fall in the polls. It is now down to 20 seats, compared with Labor’s 24. Bayit Yehudi is up to 16. Bennett, since he’s basically the exact same thing as Netanyahu but worse because he wears a kippah and that disarms people into thinking he’s good, could actually end up beating Bibi. That would be the best case scenario, because then Likud would pretty much be a dead man walking and nobody can bring it back.

Here’s the paragraph:

מנתוני הסקר, שהוצגו הערב בערוץ 10, עולה כי העבודה-התנועה מקבלת 24 מנדטים, מנדט אחד יותר מהסקר שנערך בסוף דצמבר. הליכוד, כך על-פי אותו סקר, מקבל 20 מנדטים – אחד פחות מאשר הסקר שפורסם לפני כשבועיים. המפלגה השלישית בגודלה היא הבית היהודי עם 16 מנדטים ואחריה יש עתיד וכולנו עם 10 מנדטים כל אחד. מרצ מקבלת 6 מנדטים וישראל ביתנו 5.

The poll, shown on channel 10 this evening, shows that Labor-Tnua gets 24 seats, one more than it got last December. The Likud gets 20 seats – one less than two weeks ago. The third largest party is Bayit Yehudi with 16 seats, and after that Yesh Atid and Kulanu with 10 each. Meretz has 6, and Yisrael Beteinu 5.

The only strength Likud has now that Moshe is out is Bibi. And the only thing that makes Bibi strong is his familiarity. If Bibi loses, nobody will regain that for the party, forget it. It’s gone. Likud as a political force is finished.

So far one poll at 20, with two whole months to go. You’ll see the trend start to go down by the week. If polls say by March that Likud gets 17-18 seats, it will end up with 15-16 or less. It always underperforms at election time. Perhaps equally satisfying is that Lieberman is dead, too. 5 seats is even less than Meretz.

Netanyahu is out. Meanwhile, we’re building our Medina Yehudit party. We’ll be ready by the time this spit-glued government, if it even forms, disintegrates within months.


4 thoughts on “LIKUD DOWN to 20, The Fall Begins!

  1. So is Medina Yehudit the official name of the new party?

    I agree with your assessment of Bennett. If your prediction is accurate, I’ll root for him too. (I am not eligible to vote.)

    I knew it! I just knew it! I knew that what happened to Moshe was going to turn out to be a blessing in disguise! Woo hoo!

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