Our Mission

Our ultimate dream is not limited to simply building in the Jewish homeland by raising money to give to families in the West Bank. We intend to enrich the fabric of Jewish society by financing homes in Judea and Samaria- instead of taking a mortgage with a bank the couple will borrow the sum from Settlers of Samaria and pay the money forward to other charitable organizations in Israel. Every dollar received is, essentially, doubled by Settlers Of Samaria. We will not end our mission by simply building the houses, we are laying the foundations of a real Jewish state based on lending without interest.

“You shall not charge interest on loans to your brother”- Deuteronomy 23:19

We are three young working couples who are changing the way real estate is purchased in Israel by eliminating mortgages. We believe Israel, through the Jewish People – the oldest Nation on the face of the Earth – must lead the world in fixing this economic trap and setting an example in the Jewish State. How?
Settlers of Samaria is the only charity where your donation towards an interest free mortgage loan is paid forward by the recipient to other Jewish charities in Israel. When you give to us, you’re not only giving an interest free mortgage to a young couple. You are supporting OTHER organizations that help build a real Jewish State at the same time.

The basic concept is this: We intend to raise enough funds to buy houses in Israel for financially solvent young couples who then pay the principle which YOU donated, forward, through us, to other Israeli charities over time. What this creates is the following:

1) Mortgage payments through Settlers of Samaria stay constant every month until the entire loan is paid off, and are typically HALF the amount of a mortgage through an Israeli bank for the same house.
2) Young couples actually begin to be able to afford a home,
3) Instead of banks pocketing interest payments, everything goes to charity.

And most of all, YOU help us create a culture of an interest free Jewish real estate market, exactly how a Jewish State can and should function according to God’s plan for his people.

Every second people donate money to charities all around the world to people who use it, and then it’s gone. Settlers of Samaria is changing the way charity, tzedaka, is given. Filter charity money through the real estate market first. Then pay it forward.

Want to participate? Scroll up, look at the sidebar and click the donate button. Then just tell us which charity you want your donation to ultimately go to.


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