Agreeing with Norman Finkelstein on Charlie Hebdo/Der Sturmer

Norman Finkelstein used to disgust me back when I was an AIPAC Neocon groupie. As I turned more and more away from that crowd and indeed grew to turn my disgust on AIPAC itself instead, Finkelstein became irrelevant. Unlike some libertarian converts I never ended up loving the people I once branded as self hating Jews or otherwise anti Semites. I am still aware of the fact that something is seriously wrong with them. I just wasn’t bothered by them anymore.

So no, I don’t love Norman Finkelstein. But one thing he said a few days ago was actually pretty insightful. Or inciteful, depending on which side of the divide you fall on.

Remember Der Sturmer? That 1930’s anti Semitic magazine in Germany? In case you don’t:

Der Sturmer

Now, what if, some time before Krystalnacht in the 1930’s, 2 pissed off Jews armed with rifles stormed the offices of Der Sturmer and just shot and killed the whole staff?

Personally, had I lived in the 1930’s, I would have been happy. And admit it, you would, too. I don’t know if I would have celebrated, but I would be at least relieved. I would be horrified at “freedom of speech” rallies in support of the surviving Der Sturmer staff, and I would be really freaked out at millions of copies of Der Sturmer being sold in the aftermath on a 1930’s Ebay. I would certainly not wear an “I am Der Sturmer” button on my shirt.

Many will say that the Der Sturmer/Charlie Hebdo analogy doesn’t hold. I say it does, and perfectly so.


I am not Charlie. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Europe has its own anti Muslim Krystalnacht fairly soon.

And once again, no, they should not have been killed, and the murderers should be punished. But I’m not one to mourn the murder of Julius Streicher.

Politicians Playing Gay Ping Pong

By gay ping pong I don’t mean some lewd game at a gay bar. I mean Bayit Yehudi and Yesh Atid standing on two sides of a ping pong table and batting around the gay political ping pong ball. I’m trying to imagine if I would be offended assuming I were gay and have the same principles I have now. As it is now, I’m annoyed.

Bayit Yehudi is running some inane ad about how all their members did this and that to help prevent gay marriage and how important that is because if homosexuals were allowed to “marry”, then the whole world will erupt in an orgy of homosexuality by sheer compulsion.

I hear from a Bayit Yehudi party member that the guy in the 16th seat on the list, Ronen Shoval I think, actually said that if gay marriage were legalized, by which I mean gay couples got the privilege of being more heavily taxed like straight couples (thank God for taxes) then “more people would want it”.

I looked at the guy (a male) who told me this, and said to him, “I’m sorry, but regardless of whether gays can marry, I still wouldn’t find you in the least bit sexy.”

To the meat of it: I like Youtube cooking channels. So I’m watching a recipe, and I usually skip the ad. But this time it’s a big hairy guy, a massive hulking gorilla-looking man, dressed like a woman with a wig and makeup. I’m suspended in morbid fascination so I don’t press the skip button. S/He’s saying something about how s/he decided to become a woman because this is how s/he feels on the inside.

I’m fine with that, I really don’t care how people want to dress themselves or why. All the power to ya, whoever you are, really, do what you gotta do. But for some reason I’m supposed to vote for Pretty Boy Lapid because of this gorilla transvestite girl unfortunate enough to be born into a decisively manly testosterone-infested body?

So we have Bayit Yehudi telling me how great it is that all their guys are totally against gay people doing whatever it is they do, and then I have Pretty Boy Lapid telling me how great it is that he’s so totally supportive of hulkingly masculine cross-dressers.

Really, this is what politics is. These are the people that have the ability to start nuclear wars in my name. The ones bitching to each other about how much or little they support the right of transvestites to cross dress or marry other genderly confused people. They’re playing a game of gay ping pong and I don’t want to be in the stands.

OK, I’ll admit one thing though. As stupid as the transvestite clip was (I really have no idea why I’m supposed to vote Yesh Lapid because of a transvestite) this ad was better.

Basically, two women who decide to get married and have a baby by artificial insemination have to go through a parenting class before the baby that just came out of one of the women’s bodies is legally considered the baby’s mother. She has the baby, then must take a government class before being considered the legal guardian, even though she just gave birth to it. Now that is certainly messed up and should be changed.

However, something tells me that Pretty Boy Lapid won’t be changing squat about anything. He’s just playing a game of gay ping pong, and it’s his volley.

Why Feiglin Left the Likud Davka Now

I’m going to try to make this short and still pack a punch. Really, this is something that you either get, or you don’t. Hopefully my words will help you “get” it, but I’m not sure they will. I will attach what Moshe himself put on his Facebook page. I’m not in a mood to translate this right now, so if you need to, fling it through Google Translate and you’ll get a basic if mangled idea of the point. Moshe did not write this post, but shared someone else’s, meaning he agrees with it.

The very short version is that for years, Moshe never left the Likud despite being pushed out numerous times, because those times were before he ever held any significant position, i.e., made it into the Knesset. The logic being that before anyone sees him in action, they fear him and therefore push him out because they think he’s “extremist”, but when he makes it in, they will stop fighting him because they will see that he stands for something real and holistic, and he can climb up from there.

The fact that virtually every single Knesset member, even and especially the ones we supported in the past and were considered in “our camp”, turned on us, worked together with Bibi to keep Moshe out, simply means they will never, ever accept him, so there’s really nothing left to be done there. Even if he stayed, it would serve no purpose but to waste precious time. I will add, the purpose of the Likud was to get the nation to know who Moshe is and understand him as a potential leader. That purpose has been served. The people, the average Israeli, understands he’s something else. Not another Ben Ari, not another National Union, not another right wing angry at Arabs guy. Now it’s time to see if the nation will follow on its own, without the Likud brand name. That really is the only choice from here.

The next move is to present ourselves to the people directly. And we will. And God willing, we will win.

On a purely political level, Likud is going down. They won’t get 20 seats. The party is over, literally and figuratively, there’s nothing interesting left in it, and nothing that can raise it up again. The next government will barely rise if at all, and the 20th Knesset will be the most fractured ever. The government will not last a year. When it falls, we will be there with an alternative. And maybe, even I will run on the list. Maybe.

הנה פוסט שכתב אמיר מכלוף מקרית גת, שמסכם את התנהלותנו “הפזיזה” בליכוד:

“למי שלא מבין את התנהגותו של משה (הגם שיש מעטים כאלה. למי שמכיר את משה כבר שנים, ומאמין בו לא מעט זמן – הדבר מובן והגיוני), להלן ההסבר, כפי שאני רואה אותו:

יש מהמגיבים כאן, שם, ובכל מיני מאמרים המדברים על עזיבתו של משה, הטוענים כי הוא “פתאום הפסיד” – אז פרש. כלומר – לא מקבל את ההפסד בכבוד. אם כך היה הדבר – ניתן היה להתדיין על המהלך והאם הוא ראוי. אלא שהעובדות, אפעס, הן קצת שונות:

פייגלין הפסיד בשנת 2003 – נבחר למקום ריאלי דאז, 39 (הליכוד היה 40 בסקרים. בסוף קיבל 38). דאגו לפסול אותו. הפסיד – אך לא עזב(!).

הלאה: התמודד ב-2005 על הראשות. הפסיד – לא עזב(!).

נמשיך: התמודד ב-2007 על הראשות. הפסיד – לא עזב(!).

עוקבים עדיין? מגיעים לשנת 2008: משה מגיע סוף כל סוף למקום ריאלי ברור – מקום 20 (הסקרים אז בין 32-35). ביבי עושה לו תרגיל, שולח את אקוניס, משנה את הכללים אחרי הבחירות – פייגלין נופל למקום 36. גבול הריאלי. הליכוד מאבד גובה, הרבה בגלל המעשה הנאלח הנ”ל, ומסיים עם 27 מנדטים. לא נכנס. הפסיד – לא עזב(!).

2012: מול ביבי על הראשות, זוכה ל-25% מהקולות (באופן רשמי). מה קורה בפועל? בדיוק מה שקורה היום – המוני קלפיות מספקות נתונים מזעזעים – בבית שמש קיבל ביבי קרוב ל-1000 קולות בעוד רק 630 מצביעים רשומים. אף אחד לא מקים רעש תקשורתי כמו בבחירות הנוכחיות, כי אז דובר רק על פייגלין – לא כמו היום, כשכל הח”כים כמעט מעורבים איכשהו בדבר, והזיופים משפיעים על כלל הרשימה. פייגלין שותק. מפסיד – לא עוזב(!).

2013: זוכה במקום ה-15 בפריימריז. הפעם אי אפשר לעשות שטיקים – יש איחוד עם “ישראל ביתנו”. מגיע למקום ה-23. נכנס. נהיה חבר כנסת. אחרי 13 שנה. ארוך, אבל הצליח.

פריימריז 2014: כולנו נדהמים מההתקדמות ההדרגתית של פייגלין מבחירות לבחירות. יש פה מגמה לינארית חיובית ברורה – עלייה, עלייה, עלייה, ושוב פעם עלייה. למה שמישהו יחשוב שדווקא עכשיו, כשהוא מתמודד לראשונה כחבר כנסת מכהן – הוא יפול? להיפך! מכוונים על העשירייה הראשונה! “ידיעות אחרונות” מגדיר אותו כמי שמתמודד על מקומות 5-7. מתחילים לדבר על תפקיד שר. למה לא האמת? כל טירון שנבחר לפתע במקום גבוה דורש להיות שר, אז אדם שהתקדם באופן הדרגתי, תוך צבירת כוח ובסיס נאמנים כל כך גדול – לא יחשוב כך?

ממשיכים הלאה, פוקדים אנשים, מסבירים על העמדות, מחדדים מסרים. פתאום – מכה בפריימריז: בליכוד הבינו שהאיש רק צומח. שהמשנה שלו מנצחת. המספרים לא משקרים. כל בחירות – עלייה במספרים. “אם לא נבלום אותו עכשיו” הם חושבים, “נקבל אותו בעמדת זינוק לתפקיד היו”ר ואז, כשייבחר, לא נהיה יותר רלוונטיים” (כל אחד שם רואה את עצמו כראש ממשלה בפוטנציה).

מה עושים? מחסלים אותו ברשימות. למה? הנימוקים להלן: “שכרון כוח”, “למה שהוא יקבע תמיד את הרשימות”, “הוא נטע זר” (כאילו שלפני זה לא חשבתם כך ודווקא כן סימנתם אותו כשרציתם), ועוד כהנה וכהנה נימוקים כל כך לא רלוונטיים, כה לא ענייניים. שום מילה על דרך וחזון (הרי הוא היחיד בליכוד עם דרך, ובטח שעם חזון).

פייגלין לא נכנס. למה דווקא הפעם הוא עוזב? נראה לי שהתשובה בגוף התגובה שלי:

הוא תמיד הפסיד והמשיך בליכוד, כי ידע שכל מה שמנסים למנוע ממנו כרגע הוא רק כניסה לכנסת. הוא חשב שברגע שייכנס – נגמרו המשחקים הללו, כי אז יבינו מה הוא שווה וכמה קהלים הוא יביא למפלגה, וכל אילו שהורגלו לשמוע כמה הוא “קיצוני”, יבינו באמת כמה נכס הוא לליכוד, ברגע שיראו את פעילותו בכנסת, ללא מחיצות, וללא העסקנים מטעם שמנסים להכתיב להם בכוח עמדות מוטעות לגבי פייגלין.

וזה מה שאכן קרה: הוא הביא קולות! הוא מהח”כים הבולטים בכנסת! ביבי בעצמו אומר שהוא מביא קהלים חדשים! אנשים מתלהבים ממנו! הוא אומר לשמאל (שיודע להעריך אותו) “בפנים” את מה שהוא חושב! עונה לחברי הכנסת הערבים באוטו המטבע! הח”כ המצטיין בנוכחות במליאה ובוועדות הכנסת מצד חברי הליכוד! לכאורה – הכי ליכודי שאפשר להיות.

אלא שבליכוד הבינו שכוונותיו אמיתיות: הבנאדם מכוון גבוה, וכנראה שהוא גם בדרך לכך. כמו שאמרתי – המספרים לא משקרים. לכן גודעים באיבו את החלום של פייגלין, מתוך הכנסת. פייגלין הבין את זה. הוא הבין שאם אחרי שהוא נכנס לכנסת, ואחרי כל פועלו לטובת הליכוד, דווקא עכשיו פוגעים בו – כנראה שתמיד יפגעו בו וכנראה שלעולם לא יהיה לו סיכוי שם. כשהוא הופך להיות “מספר” חזק – הוא גורם לכולם להתאחד נגדו. אלו כבר לא הימים שנלחמו שלא יכנס לכנסת במקום ריאלי. זה הרבה יותר מזה – פה הם מבינים שלא רק שהוא נכנס כבר למשכן הכנסת, הוא גם מאיים על כולם מתוך המפלגה בכנסת. לכן זה משחק מכור מליכתחילה.

ברגעי האמת, בעיתות לחץ, החברים האחרים בליכוד מבינים שצריך לעשות משהו: אם עד אז הוא היה הצרה של ביבי, שנלחם בו כדי שלא “יצבע” את רשימתו בצבעים “קיצוניים” (מילה עלובה ותזה שלא הוכיחה את עצמה כנכונה – בידקו אותי, פריימריז 2008 אחרי הדחת פייגלין), הרי שעכשיו הוא הפך להיות הצרה של כולם. הוא מאיים על כולם – מכאן שכולם צריכים להילחם בו!

כשהיה עוד מועמד אלמוני שלא היה מעולם ח”כ – מנעו ממנו רק להיכנס לרשימה. כשהוא רץ לפריימריז כח”כ – צריכים למנוע ממנו הרבה יותר דברים: מיקום גבוה יותר (עניין של כבוד ולמי יש יותר נאמנים), תפקיד שר על חשבון ח”כים אחרים, ועמדת זינוק טובה יותר לתפקיד היו”ר העתידי. לח”כים האחרים יש הרבה יותר מה להפסיד הפעם, והם אכן ידעו והפנימו זאת. הם הבינו שכל אחד מהם עתיד להיפגע מכך (לא הליכוד מעניין אותם, אלא עצמם. אם כן – היו דואגים שהטוב ביותר ייבחר, לא מי שעשה פחות “דילים”) – לכן דאגו לרמוס אותו. הקדימו תרופה ל”מכה” (מבחינתם).

לטעמי, פייגלין היה צריך להיכנס פעם אחת לכנסת כדי לראות איך יתייחסו אליו במתכונת החדשה, כשהוא לא מגיע מעמדת מועמד בלבד, אלא מעמדת ח”כ, והנה – הוא קיבל את התשובה: תמיד כשינסה להרים את הראש – ידאגו למעוך אותו, לפני שיקבל תנופה, כפי שקרה הפעם.

לכן לעולם לא יקבל הזדמנות אמיתית לחבוק את תפקיד היו”ר. פלא שעזב?

זה ההבדל בין הפעם הזאת בה הוא הפסיד, לבין כל אותן 5 פעמים שהוא הפסיד.

הבדל תהומי, קריטי וסמלי.

The Best Lines from Dave Barry’s 2014 Thunderous Bidet Year in Review

Just reading this now. Dave Barry is my mentor in writing. He doesn’t know that, but I’ve always looked up to him. Before I got all libertarianish and serious and fiery I was primarily a humor writer. You can see my old college stuff here.

Dave Barry, I am convinced, is a libertarian at heart. For the whole review, click here. Here’s my favorite part (so far, I haven’t finished reading yet):

In Washington scandal news, the Internal Revenue Service, responding to a subpoena, tells congressional investigators that it cannot produce 28 months of Lois Lerner’s emails because the hard drive they were stored on failed, and the hard drive was thrown away, and the backup tapes were erased, and no printed copies were saved — contrary to the IRS’s own record-keeping policy, which was eaten by the IRS’s dog. “It was just one crazy thing after another,” states the IRS, “and it got us to thinking: All these years we’ve been subjecting taxpayers to everything short of rectal probes if they can’t produce EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT WE WANT, and here we lose YEARS worth of official records! So from now on, if taxpayers tell us they lost something, or just plain forgot to make a tax payment, we’ll be like, ‘Hey, whatever! Stuff happens!’ Because who are we to judge?”

…President Obama announces that the U.S. military, which finally, with much fanfare, managed to get out of Iraq after a long string of operations including Operation Desert Fox, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, is commencing an operation in … Iraq. This new operation — against a group called “ISIL,” an acronym that stands for “ISIS” — is hampered when a technical glitch causes the Pentagon’s Operation Name Generator to spew out a string of unacceptable candidates, including Operation Staunch Bedspread, Operation Iron Tapeworm and Operation Thunderous Bidet. While technicians work to solve the problem, the military is forced to refer to the new operation as “Bob.”

In military news, the Pentagon announces that it has finally come up with a name for the current U.S. actions in Iraq and Syria: “Operation Inherent Resolve.” Seriously, that is the actual name. They should have gone with Thunderous Bidet.

In sports, the top college football teams play in the traditional year-end bowl games, including the TaxSlayer Bowl, the Bitcoin Bowl, the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl, the Duck Commander Bowl and the Thunderous Bidet Bowl. All but one of these are actual bowl games.

The Black Swan’s Wings Over Switzerland

Nicholas Taleb’s book The Black Swan has this chart at the beginning explaining what the Black Swan is. It’s a chart of the life of a turkey up until the day before Thanksgiving. Here’s the chart.

Turkey Chart

Here’s an eerily similar chart from January 15th of the Euro traded in Swiss Francs.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.41.59 PM

The point is, when central banks do something unexpected, the markets can flip in ways that will shock you.

The Swiss National Bank decided it was too expensive to keep a 1.20 Euro to Swiss Franc peg. In order to maintain that they had to buy a bunch of Euros and take them out of circulation with Swiss Francs they would print and put into circulation. Basically absorb the inflation that the European Central Bank was creating and stick it on its balance sheet.

By November 2014, the SNB had absorbed 475B Swiss Francs worth of foreign currency. At that point they decided it was too much. So all they did was say they were no longer buying Euros, and the Euro fell through the floor.

475 billion. That’s it.

Do you know how many US Dollars China has on its balance sheet, sopping up American inflation like a neverending sponge that just will not saturate? Almost $4 trillion. That is about 8.5x the amount of Euros the SNB had when it announced it was no longer buying Euros, and the Euro fell 30% in a day.

Can you IMAGINE what will happen to the US dollar when – not if, but when – China says it is no longer buying?

And keep in mind that the SNB never said it was selling any of its Euros. Just that it would stop buying them.

Now, here is the $4,000,000,000,000 question. Can you fathom what would happen to the US dollar, the US economy, treasury bonds, the Federal government, if and when China announces not only that it will no longer buy US dollars, but that it will actually sell them? Try to get something for its paper they’ve been stacking there for decades?

Here is the simple truth. Economic armageddon is in the hands of the People’s Bank of China. All it has to do is announce they are selling their dollars, and the game is over. That’s it. The only thing stopping them is that for some crazy reason, the Chinese think that it benefits them to import American inflation.

When they figure out that it only hurts them, they will simply stop doing it.

The Swiss National Bank already figured it out. It now looks like the Danes are next.

Pretty soon, China will figure it out, too.

Get ready. The Black Swan cometh.

Varoufakis and Tzipras are on a Collision Course

I love this guy, but I don’t understand him. He’s got some things so right, and others so wrong. Yanis Varoufakis was just interviewed on Bloomberg about what should be done in Greece. He’s a pleasure to listen to because unlike other smug econometrician academic weasels, you can tell Varoufakis is sincere and has some sort of moral drive. The problem is, he’s confused. He understands Greece is bankrupt. He doesn’t seem to understand that the politicians he is joining do not understand that that essentially means they can no longer spend money.

In his latest interview with Bloomberg, Varoufakis made some pretty frank comments. Among the most frank was his answer to the question “Do you know for sure if the bailout will be renegotiated, or if SYRIZA will make a U-turn?” meaning, will SYRIZA cave and just keep going with the bailout in order not to get kicked out of the Eurozone in a so-called Grexit.

His answer reminded me of what Ron Paul said to the question “Will the Federal Government default?”

“The government will default. It’s just a question of how, through outright default or inflation.”

Varoufakis answered this question the same way. The bailout will be renegotiated, simply because the current bailout makes no damn freaking sense. How can a bailout from debt put you more in debt? How is that even a bailout? That’s just doing CPR on a corpse. (My words, not his.)

Dealing with the issue of a Grexit, Varoufakis said that in “brushing off” a Grexit as containable, the sponsoring Eurozone countries were basically making up bullshit. They have no idea what the consequences will be, because nobody knows who holds how many bonds where, and what the systemic effects will be, whether other bond runs will ensue, it’s like trying to predict exact weather patterns 2 years in advance.

In short, there can be no Grexit without severe consequences for everyone, and those brushing it off have no idea what they’re talking about.

So much he gets. What he doesn’t get is that when Greece does default, which will absolutely happen in one form or another, his politician friends, the same nincompoops that have co-opted him as their voice of reason in SYRIZA, will want to ramp up the spending once again, because that’s all they know how to do.

He will be in the extremely uncomfortable position, likely as finance minister, of saying no. There is no money, there is nothing, stop trying to spend what doesn’t exist. If he can maintain his candor, he will end up resigning.

At the end of his interview with Bloomberg, he was asked what must be done. He said something very libertarian. Paraphrasing, entrepreneurs in Greece face one big enemy, and that is the State. The State does not let them put people back to work because it punishes them with taxes that make no sense. The economy is totally paralyzed by the State apparatus, and that is why the State is bankrupt.

In Rothbardian terms, the parasite overwhelmed the host, and now both have died.

Someone who can speak in such clear libertarian terms, I don’t know what he’s doing joining a radical left wing political movement expecting them to just sit back and relax as he recommends they shrink government. There’s going to be a big fight between him and Alexis Tzipras. They are on a collision course.

Once the bailout is renegotiated, Tzipras will want to spend more money on his projects. Varoufakis will tell him there is no money. Tzipras will then want to print Drachmas until they have no value, which will happen very quickly if he tries to print them.

There is nothing SYRIZA or New Democracy, or Pasok can do to get money. There just isn’t any. They will all come flying at a brick wall of bankruptcy, because there is no one left to steal from. It’s all gone. Only Varoufakis understands that. He won’t be able to explain it to the politicos. They don’t get it. They never will.

Somebody’s Mad I Didn’t Say the Prayer for the State of Israel

I have a hard time praying for something I don’t want. I have an even harder time praying for something I think is objectively a bad thing. I think that to ask God to protect and watch over something I don’t want and that I think is bad, makes a mockery of what prayer is.

In my shul they  say the prayer for the welfare of the State of Israel and its leaders and advisers. I know that to try to change that minhag and convert everyone in the shul to libertarianism is futile, so I just ignore it. My personal policy is that I don’t stand during the prayer, but I do stand during the prayer for Tzahal. I will pray for the safety of the slaves, but never the masters.

There’s very little that I dislike about the prayer for the Welfare of the State of Israel, except for the first line. If ברך את מדינת ישראל were replaced with ברך את עם ישראל היושב בציון then I would gladly stand for the whole thing and even say it. But I know that the intent of the prayer is for the government, that group of people that takes money and labor by force, just like any other form of slavery. That is something I cannot and will not pray for, especially given the Torah reading, smack in the middle of the exodus from Egypt.

The fact that most people in my shul also hate the government of Israel and its prime minister, more or less, makes the prayer for the state and the prime minister’s welfare even more dissonant. Not that I don’t understand it. I do. The State is “holy” to them, so no matter how much evil it does, how many people it kills, how many homes it tears down, and how many people it expels and how much money it steals, it’s still “holy” so you pray for it. And its leader, even though you’re sick of him.

Well, last week I was called to daven from the amud, (lead the prayers), I did not volunteer but was asked, and I was supposed to say the prayer for the welfare of the State of Israel. I refused, and said to the gabbai that if he wanted it said, someone else would have to do it. So someone else came up and said it, and I stood on the side. I wasn’t going to outright skip it and go on because I knew that would cause a riot or something close to it.

This has happened before, but in a smaller minyan. This time it was in the main minyan.

One week passed, and yesterday after shul, I stopped at a kiddush with my two daughters at someone’s house who was celebrating the birth of a grandchild. On my way out, someone stops me and asks “Why didn’t you say the תפילה לשלום המדינה last week?”

“Because I don’t believe in the מדינה,” I answered.

“You are a disgrace, a disgrace to the shul,” he says.

“I didn’t ask to daven,” I say, “I was asked to.”

“Well I’m going to do everything I can so that you can never daven from the amud again, you’re an embarrassment,” he says.

“So do it,” I say, and I leave with my 4 and 2 year old.

It is especially…I won’t say “strange” because I understand the State Worship Avoda Zara thing…but I will say ironic, that it was davka this person to call me a disgrace for not saying the prayer for a gang of thieves writ large, because I remember this person. On the night that Ariel Sharon finally died, I was walking past this same person. I don’t recall exactly if he said it or someone else said it first, but somebody said “Sharon died!”

And he said, this same person that thinks I’m a disgrace for not saying the stupid prayer for the State and Prime Minister, and I quote exactly, “Good fucking riddance! It’s about fucking time!”

And I said to him, “Well I wouldn’t go that far.”

I, the anarcho-capitalist, who hates government and everything it stands for, wouldn’t go that far. I don’t celebrate death. But he, the guy who thinks I’m a disgrace for not praying for the State, says good fucking riddance to one of its leaders.

It’s interesting. I was at a meeting of Shomron activists last night with Feiglin, and he spoke about people calling him the “Israeli libertarian.” He said, not so surprisingly but it still hurt a bit, “But I’m not at all coming from that direction. I believe the State is holy, but it’s not holy above everything, and I know it’s very dangerous. The first commandment is ‘I am God,’ not ‘I am the State.'”

He also described how hard it was, even for him, to vote against the budget to prevent the release of terrorists. It’s like voting to tear down the government, he explained, and only he was able to do it, with difficulty, not even Orit Struck of Bayit Yehudi was able to. Because voting against the budget as part of the ruling coalition is voting against the State. Voting to tear it down. Even for Feiglin, who believes in the legitimacy, even the holiness, of the State, that’s hard to do.

But he was able to do it because despite believing the State is “holy”, he understands that it is not holy in and of itself. It is only holy as a tool, if it does the right thing. Nevermind the fact that it can never do the right thing, in his mind it theoretically can. So OK, it’s theoretically conceivable even if practically impossible. Even so, he can still vote against the State because it is not inherently holy for him.

For Orit Struck though, who is the perfect example of the State’s beaten wife who keeps returning to her abusive husband, the State is holy in and of itself. No matter what it does, she is incapable of voting against it. She is a survivor of the Yamit expulsion and lives in Hevron, the most hard core of hard core settlements.

I clearly remember hearing her speak that night that Jewish sovereignty on Har Habayit was being discussed in the Knesset for the first time in history. I was in the audience, and she comes up to speak. I don’t remember exactly what she said, but I remember the introduction. She said something like this, “Every day I get up and I’m in awe of this State, its institutions, its symbols, the Knesset. I love it so much and it thrills me that I’m a part of it and that God gave us this gift…” etc. Sycophantic praise of the Ruling Class from A to Z. State worship. As a thing in itself. She then went on to blather about how much it hurts her that the Holy State she loves so much is preventing Jews from praying on Har Habayit. Like the perfectly obedient beaten wife.

Again, not that I don’t understand that. You go through 2000 years of exile being enslaved to goyim who systematically kill you and it can be a thrill to finally at least be only systematically enslaved, expelled, and robbed by your own people who at least won’t try to systematically kill you. So I get it. But it doesn’t make it any less State Idol Worship.

That’s why Orit Struck could not, I mean could not, vote against that budget, even if it meant saving lives and stopping a terrorist release. Because to her, the State is holy in and of itself. She loves it like a god. She worships it. It is her intermediary to God. Nothing less than that.

It’s the same with this guy who thinks I’m a disgrace. As much as he hates what the State does, and can wish “good fucking riddance” to Ariel Sharon, the State of Israel is a demigod to him. I can break Shabbos, stop keeping kosher, steal lie cheat and spread gossip and I wouldn’t be a disgrace to the shul as long as I say the prayer. But if I dare not pray for the State in public, I have disgraced God himself, ah…then I am a disgrace, because I have voted against the budget. I am an insult to the Father and His Son, The State of Israel.

The Jewish People do not need a State. The State is not holy. It is nothing more than a gang of thieves that conspire to rob you and hire intellectuals to convince you that your slavery is necessary. To see why no State is needed, read my Zero State Solution.