Israel State Supreme Court Kills Leviathan Gas Field

Here’s what I understand. There’s a giant gas field in the Mediterranean. Yitzchak Tshuva found it. The State claims to “own” the Mediterranean Sea because, why the bleep not? It may as well own Alpha Centauri. Leftists want the state to take an enormous chunk of the profits via incredibly high taxes and give it out to people who they want to buy votes from so they can keep stealing from people who actually do work, like Yitzchak Tshuva.

Netanyahu, who does understand a tiny little bit about economics (not much, but a tiny tiny bit) elected to override the enormous taxes so Tshuva can actually develop the field and improve the quality of life for people who use electricity. He gets the profits in return for lowering our cost of living a little bit.

But today, the Supreme Court (May Their Holy Name Be Blessed Forever And Ever Amen Gag) struck down the tax exemption, as I expected they would, because it is “Unconstitutional” even though Israel has no bleeping constitution, meaning no limits on government, not even theoretically.

I sincerely hope that Yitzchak Tshuva does this to the Leviathan field that he discovered…

…and deal these wonderful Godly Judges who I love because saying bad things about them is illegal and punishable under “incitement” laws, some Atlas Shrugged inspired justice.

Without hurting anyone. Just burn the gas. Amen. Love the judges.


The “controversial” gas agreement that exempts the gas industry from antitrust laws

The left is really pissed off now because the people who discovered a bunch of natural gas off the coast of Israel will not have to be harassed by the antitrust authority for trying to develop a natural resource. All the leftists who had absolutely nothing to do with discovering anything – no investment, no capital, no nothing – are all upset that they will not get a bigger piece of the action by having the companies who discovered the Leviathan field taxed up the wazoo and prevented from ever developing the field because doing so violates some arbitrary law.

Antitrust is a made up concept that is indefinable, because a trust is indefinable. If two companies working together on one project and setting a price for it is a trust, then two groups of people in the same company working together on one project and setting a price for it is a trust. If a trust is a thing and antitrust is justified, then all economic cooperation of any kind must be forbidden.

The result of consistent application of antitrust laws would be mass starvation and death, because nobody would be allowed to cooperate on anything, and all who are not completely self-sufficient would die.

So, in advocating for antitrust laws, these people are rooting on mass global starvation.

Good job and yasher koach to Netanyahu for at least getting this passed. I doubt it will stand up to the Supreme Court of Idiots, and if they overturn this and force the antitrust laws then I would encourage the discoverers of the field, Noble Energy, Delek, and Yitzchak Tshuva to destroy the field and blow it up, Francisco d’Anconia Atlas Shrugged style so nobody can use it, and stick it to those “judges”.