Medical Marijuana Government Monopoly to Sarel has been Broken, but not for long

Moshe Feiglin announced today on his Facebook page that Sarel, the company with a government monopoly on supplying government hospitals, has lost its privilege as the only company allowed to supply government hospitals. Feiglin got interested in Sarel when it was suddenly given monopoly privilege over the entire medical cannabis industry. This is a great thing of course, and Feiglin deserves credit for putting pressure on whatever mafia boss is in charge of determining who gets a monopoly on the government health care sector.

However, the problem is that nothing has been solved. Listen to this stupidity:

Government hospitals are in extreme debt, meaning the government health ministry is over budget. They’ll raise taxes to fix that of course. Nothing is being cut. The health ministry itself is what determines that its own hospitals must buy from a favored company, this case Sarel. When a monopoly is established, prices rise, and Sarel was of course charging prices over market value for all the equipment they sold to government hospitals. So government hospitals were forced into debt by the health ministry which runs the hospitals which forced the hospitals to buy equipment over market value by forbidding it to buy from anyone else under threat of imprisonment.

Why would the “owners” of a company, in this case the Health Ministry, force its own assets to buy equipment over market value? Because the “owners” of the Health Ministry are not owners of a company. They are tax loot distributors. They don’t have to make money. They just take it. And they give it to whoever they want, and it doesn’t matter how much their assets (hospitals) go into debt because they can always take more money from us. And they will, believe me they will.

Now Sarel has lost its monopoly privileges, for now. What is going to happen now is that some other favored company is going to get that privilege instead, and the same thing will happen again. They will frame it by saying that hospital equipment and medication must be properly supervised for quality and therefore it must only come from one company for public safety reasons, and whoever mafia thug is in charge of deciding which company will get that privilege will pick his best friends and get a big kickback for it in some offshore bank account in the Seychelles Islands.

Sarel is not the problem. Government hospitals are the problem. If government controls hospitals, the primates who run the operation in government will funnel the money to whoever they like best. Some other company is going to screw us now.

Demand a separation of government from health care. That is the only solution to ending this problem. In a few weeks, the monopoly will be transferred to some other company. Mark my words.

If I ever become a Knesset member, I will go after the whole system, not just one company that happens to benefit from the system at any given time. I wouldn’t even go by the title of Knesset Member, in Hebrew חבר כנסת. I will insist on the title אויב כנסת. Enemy of the Knesset. And I wouldn’t take a Shekel in tax funds for anything whatsoever.


My impression of the Zehut Founders Conference

I have very high standards. I don’t trust anyone when it comes to political events, or what I term antipolitical events. The Zehut conference I see as an antipolitical event, which is why I attended. It is why I’m a paying member. There were about 20 people who each came up for a 90 second speech. Almost all of them were liberty-centered. One introduced herself as a feminist. Another as a homosexual. I don’t know which one took more courage.

There was only one speech that I did not like, which centered on improving people’s incomes and other economic interventionist stuff. But all the others were decent to very good. That is a very good record for a rag tag group of people who are not studied libertarians but only have a vague sense of a right direction.

There were all kinds of people there, most of whom I didn’t even recognize, and I’ve known Feiglinites for a long time. At the end, I saw a couple I know, who I was surprised actually came. I originally got them into Likud and they understand more about liberty than most.

The husband urged me to try to build myself up in the party and run for Knesset on the list. The thought of trying to build support for myself in that context in Hebrew makes me enervated and exhausted, but the wife then says, “There’s no way. Rafi has the least tact of any human being alive.”

That may be true, but I suggested I could be like Donald Trump (להבדיל), saying stuff that is so caustic that everyone loves me just for that. I may try, but I doubt I have the energy.

Sign up for Zehut here.

According to Shai Galili, Moshe Feiglin is Still Running for Likud Chairman

Again from News1, Galili responding to some other lawyer’s claim that Netanyahu did nothing wrong:

“טענתך זו לא ניתן לקבל. תחילה, משום שבין אם מותר היה לעובדים השכירים האמורים לסייע לפעילות פנים מפלגתית של יושב-ראש המפלגה בבחירות המקדימות ובין אם לאו, אין הדבר רלוונטי לעובדה כי מדובר “בתרומה אסורה” מהמפלגה למר נתניהו בכובעו כ”מועמד”. באשר, מועמדים אחרים שעדיין (עד היום) רשומים ככאלו, כגון מר משה פייגלין, מר יואב
קיש ומר דני דנון, לא זכו לעובדים שכירים מטעם המפלגה, שיעמדו לרשותם במסגרת הבחירות המקדימות בהיקף זהה או בכלל – ולפיכך, בהתאם להגדרות שבחוק המפלגות, המדובר “בתרומה אסורה” מתאגיד, לכל דבר ועניין”, קבע.

Your claim is unacceptable. First, because even if it was permitted for party workers to help with a Chairman’s primary campaign or not, it is irrelevant to the fact that it is “forbidden help” from the party to Mr. Netanyahu insofar as he is a “candidate”. Whereas, other candidates that are still (until today) officially listed as candidates, like Mr. Moshe Feiglin, Mr. Yoav Kish, and Mr. Danny Danon, were not able to hire party workers for this purpose that would help them with their primary campaigns equally or at all, and therefore, according to the Parties Law, this is considered “forbidden help” for all intents and purposes.

Grab another bowl of popcorn folks, because here is Galili’s words on sending Netanyahu to prison:

Shai Galili threatens to send Netanyahu to prison

Because of this, and without any choice given the current circumstances, I must exercise my authority according to section 28 of the Political Parties Law, and advise the disqualification of your client’s candidacy (Mr. Netanyahu) in the upcoming primaries on December 31.

Only due to “Do not place a stumbling block before the blind” (Leviticus 19:14) I will point out that my decision is being given from my statutory and official authority from the Political Parties Law. That said, I ask you to turn your client’s attention to the fact that ignoring my order could be considered a violation of section 287 of the Punitive Code of 1977:

He who defies a lawful order given by a court or bureaucrat or a person acting in an official manner under proper authority is subject to a 2 year prison sentence. 

I would appreciate confirmation of your receipt of this letter.


Shai Galili, Esq.

Likud Comptroller

What a world, eh?