My impression of the Zehut Founders Conference

I have very high standards. I don’t trust anyone when it comes to political events, or what I term antipolitical events. The Zehut conference I see as an antipolitical event, which is why I attended. It is why I’m a paying member. There were about 20 people who each came up for a 90 second speech. Almost all of them were liberty-centered. One introduced herself as a feminist. Another as a homosexual. I don’t know which one took more courage.

There was only one speech that I did not like, which centered on improving people’s incomes and other economic interventionist stuff. But all the others were decent to very good. That is a very good record for a rag tag group of people who are not studied libertarians but only have a vague sense of a right direction.

There were all kinds of people there, most of whom I didn’t even recognize, and I’ve known Feiglinites for a long time. At the end, I saw a couple I know, who I was surprised actually came. I originally got them into Likud and they understand more about liberty than most.

The husband urged me to try to build myself up in the party and run for Knesset on the list. The thought of trying to build support for myself in that context in Hebrew makes me enervated and exhausted, but the wife then says, “There’s no way. Rafi has the least tact of any human being alive.”

That may be true, but I suggested I could be like Donald Trump (להבדיל), saying stuff that is so caustic that everyone loves me just for that. I may try, but I doubt I have the energy.

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