“Rabbis” Attack Feiglin For Threatening Their Pigsties

Alright I’m pissed off. Rosh Yeshivas all over the country are attacking Moshe and Zehut. Their Torah is nothing. They want your money.

חושד בכשרים, מוציא שם רע, לשון הרע, מלבין פני חבירו ברבים, מחטיאים את הרבים ומחללים שם שמים בפרהסיה

These “Rabbis” are עובר all this and more. Keep it coming. Like viruses under attack from the immune system these little nothings hide behind their fake Torah trying to maintain their גזל funded Yeshivas so they can keep drinking their own filth in their pigsties and keep their salaries.

State-funded “Rabbis” all over the country are specifically attacking Moshe Feiglin and Zehut. These “Rosh Yeshivas” are subsidized by you, by force, these bastards teaching “Torah” by stealing from you and giving Torah a bad name. And now they’re afraid of losing their livings, of actually having to get a job.

Oh they won’t say that, the cowards, they say that a vote for Feiglin is a vote for the left and some other political nonsense bull. What they won’t say is that if Zehut gets in, gets a good amount of seats, and actually changes the conversation, then eventually we will be able to cut them off from sucking our blood and actually privatize Torah learning. Voluntarily funded Yeshivas. Wow, what a concept!

They don’t want to lose your money. It’s all just about money. That’s what they want, that’s why they’re attacking Moshe. There is no other reason. 

These “Rabbis” are enemy #1. Not the Arabs. Not the leftists. Them. To be clear, no violence is called for here. Just mockery.

They are the ones who inspire all the שנאה against Torah, justifiably. They are the ones who inspire Jews to become atheists and hate Judaism. They cause all of it. They will fall. And when they do there can be a national catharsis.

Keep squealing, little piggies.