SAD BUT BEAUTIFUL Haredim Call to Attend Funeral of Druze Cop Zidan Sayaf

Every so often, groupthink has its moments of beauty. During the murder spree at Har Nof yesterday, the Druze cop who killed one of the murderers was himself shot in the exchange. He died today. His name was Zidan Sayaf, a Druze, and Haredim are now calling for a mass attendance at his funeral, to lay him to rest at his village in Jath Yanuah at 2pm today.

From Ynet:

Haredim call to attend the funeral of Druze Cop

First Sergeant Zidan Sayaf will be laid to rest in the afternoon at Jath Yanuah village. Hundreds of people from the Hared sector have answered the call on social media and are planning to pay their respects at his final resting place. “We will not be thankless. We will give our thanks to people who sacrificed their lives for us.”

The Facebook post is below.

It reads:

The funeral for First Sargeant Zidan Sayaf, the Druze policeman who attacked the terrorists and paid with his life, will take place today at 2:00pm at Yanuah Jath Village in the Western Galilee. He leaves behind his 21 year old wife and a fourth month old baby.

Anyone who can make the effort to come to his funeral is requested to do so. We will salute the Druze community for its sacrifice and its tying in its destiny to Am Yisrael, and we will present a united front against our enemies.

Please, share this post, pass it along to the appropriate people, and make an effort to come.

Haredim have also been passing around one of Rav Ovadiah Yosef’s psak from the book Hazon Ovadiah that reads as follows:

A Druze soldier doing his duty to protect Israel from its enemies who is killed by Ishmaelites while on duty protecting Israel, it is appropriate to mention his name in synagogue in a prayer for the dead, as is the custom for all righteous gentiles.

Now, as nice and right and just as that is, don’t confuse me for someone who gets all sentimental about “Our Loyal Police Force” and “Our Heroic First Responders” and jumps from there to glorifying the State Security Apparatus and lobbying the Knesset to increase the police budget. Zidan was not being a cop when he went in there to fight murderers. He was not being a Druze either.

He was being a human being.

I praise him as a human being fighting to protect other human beings. Not as a cop protecting citizens of Israel, and not as a Druze protecting Jews. Besides, the shul should have been protected by a private security company, not a tax-funded state-backed inefficient monopoly police force.

If any potential murderer (notice I never use the word “terrorist” because it is a meaningless term) were to try to come to my town and shoot up a minyan, he wouldn’t survive two seconds. Everyone in my town is armed to the teeth. Unfortunately, Haredim are not the types to arm themselves, because they rely on State institutions for everything. Hopefully some of them will wake up now and start packing heat.

PSEUDO SCIENCE What do Climate Scientists and Keynesian Economists have in common?

As record low temperatures blast the United States for the second year in a row, the theories behind global warming look stupider by the day. There’s only so much of this freezing cold weather that global warming enthusiasts can shrug off before looking like real idiots.

What about the science behind it? It makes about as much sense as Keynesian Voodoo. Not because it doesn’t have its own system of inner logic, but because climatology and mainstream economics based on econometric equations are trying to use math in order predict the behavior of humans, which is inherently impossible.

The economy is governed by human action, which does not fit into mathematical models. Logical necessities can be deduced from given facts based on the axiom of human action and the basic observation that resources are finite, but that’s it. Beyond that, trying to predict anything with certainty is impossible, not because it’s really really hard to do and we just haven’t figured out how yet, but the nature of human action not following the cause and effect rules of physics makes it impossible intrinsically.

So where does climatology fit in? Climatology tries to measure and predict a system that is chaotic. It is governed by the Butterfly Effect, which means that the flap of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the world can cause a hurricane on the other. Given the Butterfly Effect, then kal vachomer (a fortiori), the action-movement of a human pinky in California can also create a typhoon in Australia, or create a really cold winter in the US.

So at bottom, human action governs the climate as well as the economy, be it one step more removed, which makes it even less predictable.

Sure, it sort of makes sense that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and that the more greenhouse gas the hotter the planet in a positive feedback loop. But when you’re dealing with the Butterfly Effect and an entire planetary system, to simplify the global climate down to such simplistic principles is about as effective as asking your local econometrician which stocks to buy.

It’s all voodoo, pseudo science. Following the forms of science but not getting any real laws.

Here’s Richard Feynman on this issue. Love that man.

UNDERSTANDING MURDER Why Arabs hand out candy and why nobody cares that Jews were murdered today

Sure, seeing a bunch of people hand out candy in celebration of mass murder is not an easy thing to stomach. But unlike any of the outrage I have seen on Facebook, nobody has made an attempt to understand why they hand out candy and why nobody really cares that 4 Jews were murdered today in a Har Nof shul. It’s easier just to blame it on Islam, imply that therefore all Muslims have to be expelled, or blame it on Arabs being inherently evil and therefore the solution being get rid of them all.

It feels good to say that, especially when they’re handing out candy.

But we should understand why they hand out candy. You’re probably thinking by now that I’m one of those lefties who tries to “understand the criminal” and “blame the victim”. Well, think what you think, but that’s not it.

They are passing out candies because they are happy. What are they happy about? From their perspective, they are happy that people who are living in their land and who kicked them out of theirs, are now dead.

If someone physically threw you out of your own house and then started praying in your house to their God, and then somebody came in and shot them all to death, you may hand out candy, too.

What nobody wants to deal with is the question of whether they are correct or not. Whether it is their land or not. Nobody wants to say that Jerusalem is ours. And so nobody gives a crap that Jews were murdered, because as far as the world knows, we have already admitted that Jerusalem is not ours when we gave the Temple Mount to the Jordanians and signed the Oslo Accords with Arafat.

We say to everyone that the place where those Jews were praying before they were murdered is Arab land. If it is indeed Arab land, then those Jews murdered today were committing the crime of trespassing and were not murdered, only killed in an act of self defense.

There is no reason that anyone but Jews should care that Jewish trespassers were killed by a property owner in self defense.

Unless those Jews are not trespassers. In which case they were murdered. But we have to make clear that they were not trespassers by proclaiming our ownership of Jerusalem. That begins at the Temple Mount.

Not at CNN. Har Habayit.

Netanyahu Orders homes of murderers destroyed – one thing he’s good at

If there’s one thing Netanyahu is good at, it’s destroying homes. He did it in Wye, he did it in Hevron, he did it in the Disengagement, and he’s doing it now.

Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the demolition of the homes of the two terrorists who carried out Tuesday’s attack in Har Nof, the most significant operational step taken in the immediate aftermath of the murders.

Politicians are great at harnessing the emotions of an angry populace. We’re all pissed that murderers killed innocents today. But when we’re all upset, we stop thinking about the dangers of government power. What law allows Netanyahu to simply destroy a house just because a murderer, now dead, used to live there?

And what the hell is that going to solve? If the parents are already glad their sick murderer kids were killed in the act, then what do they care if their house is going to be destroyed as well? You know what’s going to happen now? Here’s what’s going to happen now.

Israel is going to tax you for buying food, transfer that money to the Palestinian Authority, who will then proceed to pay the families of these murderers cash to rebuild their homes. They will also name a road after them.

If Netanyahu weren’t such a pathetic coward, he would think of something more Jewish to do instead of destroy more capital in Israel. He could, for example, move the family out of their home and put it up for auction to a Jew. Though this would not be a libertarian solution, it would be better than destroying a home and much more of a deterrent to these bastards.

The libertarian solution is privatize all infrastructure surrounding the home, including roads and all public buildings, sell them to Jews, and the Jewish owners could then forbid this family of murderers from using the road.

SARCASM Jewish Worshipers Provoked Arab Murderers By Praying for Rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem

Five are now dead in Har Nof including Rosh Yeshiva Moshe Twersky. No one in the Yeshiva was armed at the time. The murderers were killed so at least Netanyahu won’t be able to exchange them in the next good will gesture.

Baruch Dayan Emet. But on to the sarcastic part.

Observant Jews generally pray the morning service every day of their lives. We call it davening shacharis. When halachically observant Jews daven shacharis, they wear these things called phylacteries, or tefillin, on their arm and head. Inside the tefillin are sections from the Torah about, among other things, what we are supposed to do after we settle in Israel. Exodus 13:11, right on our heads:

And it will come to pass when the Lord will bring you into the land of the Canaanite, as He swore to you and to your forefathers, and He has given it to you,

Provocation right there. We should all stop wearing tefillin, as it’s insulting to the Arabs.

We also generally ask for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, Binyan Beis HaMikdash in our parlance, and we all say that we want it built right on the Dome of the Rock. We say this several times a day. Clearly this is a call for a holy war against Muslims and must be stopped. Big provocation:

May it be your will God and God of our Fathers, that the Temple be rebuilt speedily in our lifetimes, and give us a part in your Torah, and there we will worship you in awe as we did in the old days and in years past.

Right wing extremism clearly. That line should be forcibly censored by the government from ever being said by anyone lest they provoke a religious war. Praying like this should not only be illegal on the Temple Mount itself, but anywhere and everywhere. After all, just because one has the right to pray for whatever he likes, does not mean that one should exercise that right indiscriminately and risk a holy warI hear this claim all the time in the statist media.

Do we expect the Arabs to just simply do nothing while we pray for the destruction of the Dome of the Rock? Clearly not. We’re asking for it unless we all stop praying for the rebuilding of the Temple immediately.

?פיקוח נפש דוחה שבת, דוחה תפילה לא כל שכן

CONFUSING ECB to buy gold to boost inflation? I’m totally lost

This one is really confusing. Some European Central Bank official with a severe shortage of vowels in his name, Yves Mersch, warned that the ECB could buy stocks, ETF’s, and…gold. Why? In order to boost inflation. What the hell does that even mean? Does anyone have a clue?

Usually the zany things that central bankers say at least make sense within their own economic misconceptions and they are at least consistently wrong on the same things because they all hold the same false doctrines. But this is something new. How in anyone’s mind does buying gold boost inflation? Someone should check if he was drunk or high during his speech because it sure sounds like it.

Hey, if he wants to buy gold, fine by me. But inflation by definition is money unbacked by specie. If you buy specie you are backing your money, not inflating it.

Could it be that God is starting to put strange thoughts in these banker’s heads in preparation for what’s to come? Who knows, but that is the weirdest thing I’ve heard come out of a central banker’s mouth in a long time.

Considering the fact that the Swiss National Bank is fighting tooth and nail against the Swiss electorate NOT to buy gold ahead of the Swiss Gold Initiative referendum on November 30 precisely because buying gold would force them to stop inflating, if the ECB cleared his speech and this is actually the ECB’s plan, it really makes no sense, not even within the twisted logic of the ECB’s own Keynesian system.

Something really weird is going on here.

Bob Wenzel Recommends Hilchos Yichud as the Solution to Date Rape Crisis

I just came across this at TargetLiberty. Bob Wenzel wrote a post about how Bill Cosby is being attacked for being a rapist. I personally do not believe a word of it, and Bob pleads ignorance but doesn’t take a position, and at the end of the post Bob says something very frum actually. Bob is not a religious guy and I doubt he is Jewish, but he gets halacha at least when it comes to Yichud.

For the gentiles reading this blog, Yichud is an area of Jewish law that forbids men and women who are not married to each other from being in a room alone together. The prohibition is much more serious when it is a married woman with a man who is not her husband, but applies in all situations of people not married to each other in various degrees of severity.

He basically says, at the end of the post, that following the Halachot of Yichud will solve the date rape crisis in America. He’s right. It will.

Bob’s words:

Which brings me to my final point. The Mafia boss John Gotti once told his daughter that she should always be careful around men. He said, “They may look fatherly to you or like an uncle, but they all have only one thing on their mind.” And that is good advice for any father to give his daughters, a girl should never put herself in a position where a man can take advantage. In other words, never be alone in a room with a man unless you don’t have a problem sleeping with him. It will solve this so-called “date rape crisis.” It will stop it cold and it would have prevented any problems that these girls allegedly had with Cosby.